Sort search results by yaml key/value pair, eg. date

Use case or problem

Being able to sort search results by a yaml key and/or date would remove the need for file name date prefixes. File name date prefixes OR key/value pairs are required to maintain file creation date persistence in the event system creation dates are lost in files.

Also date prefixes are ugly in search results, graph view, links with aliases, dataview queries etc. It takes a lot of effort to make them pretty.

Proposed solution

Implement sort search results by custom yaml key/value pair. Specifically date.

Current workaround (optional)

Use date prefixes.

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I agree.

I have the following scenario:

I just wanted to search for a tag and sort by creation date.
The problem is, that the creation date of the file is not the same as the one from the yaml-frontmatter-metadata. the manually added yaml-creation-date was the correct one.

So what I got was “wrong” sortation.

but as far as I know it is also not possible to save searches with any sortation, right?