Sort order in linked mentions is not stored (it falls back to default sort order when restarting Obsidian)

in my Linked Mentions (top right), the default sort order is filename (A-Z). i changed it to sort on 'Modified Time (new to old)" so the newest mention is always highest on list. It seems this sort order is not stored, as when i quit and restart Obsidian, the sort order is back to it’s default value. It seems the preferred sort order is not stored.


I think this is more a feature request.

Just hopped in here to +1 this. Would love to save a default sort option for linked mentions (I generally want to sort by most recently updated).

+1, is there a related feature request already?

+1 - is this being tracked anywhere? Still a bit annoying to open Obsidian and do a couple clicks each time to reset my sort preference.

this has been implemented a long time ago for the backlinks pane (side panel). The backlinks in document is another story.

Does that mean it’s not going to happen?

I still think this is important.

As it stands now backlinks in the ISO date format are sorted in reverse chronological order, I would like it to default to chronological

Agreed, this would be very useful for the backlinks in the document as well.

This was implemented a long time ago for backlinks side panel.

Please follow this FR for backlinks in document:

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