Sort list of templates


Earlier today, when I inserted a template, the templates were listed in the same alphabetical order that appeared in the File Explorer. However, this evening, it changed to a different order.

This is the insert template list w/ “Note template” the fifth item:

This is the file explorer w/ “Note template” the first item:

Any ideas why it would change? Any way to get it back to how it was that don’t include changing the template name for “Note template”?

My desired behavior: “Note template” appears as first option in Insert Template window.


I watch the exact same behavior. I have already three times copied all my template files to recover my whished and beloved alphabetical sort order. After some hour of usage without a recognizable cause I have a chaotic and random looking sort order again. Solutions to that were really appreciated.

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This is very annoying. There doesn’t seem to be any logic around the template order that I can discern. Templates are supposed to reduce friction and not being able to order them based on usage goes against that principle.


Came here to make this exact feature request. I have named my templates so like templates are all similarly named, and having them be randomized in the template selector is confusing

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I have came across the same annoying problem. Is it possible to add the “Pin” function, so you could place your freqently used template at first ?

still want this feature!


Sorry for the necro but I didn’t want to make a new thread if one was already here.

I’m having the same issue–every time I open Obsidian, the template order randomizes, which makes it difficult to quickly find the template I need. Is there still no way to fix this?

Hahahahahaha… I was thinking about this just yesterday when I went to insert a template and couldn’t remember how I named it.