Sort folders and files like in cherrytree and onenote

What I’m trying to do

How do I sort all the folders, subfolders by the creation time; same thing for files, in each folder first note created is on top. Like in cherrytree and onenote


The order in which I actually created these folders where:

  1. Open Redirect
  • What is + examples
  1. XSS
  • What is
  • Lab 1
  • Lab 2
  • Lab 3
  • Lab 4
  1. CSRF
  • What is
  1. IDOR
  • What is
  • Lab 1
  1. LFD
  • What is

Things I have tried

I have tried the in-built sort option, but that only seems to work for files and not folders. I tried a plugin:

but I cant get it to work. Someone please help.

You need to create a config file

Then add this to the created file


sorting-spec: |
  order-desc: advanced created

Then click this icon,


This is only working for notes, not folders.

I edited the response, my apologies

I tried this actually, Parsing succeeds and custom sort is displayed as on, but no changes.

Thats odd, it seems to work fine for me

Are you 100% sure you typed in the file path correctly, formatted the metadata correctly, and clicked the icon?

It has to be in the root folder, putting it in a folder makes it specific to said folder

Can you clarify about the file path and metadata? I tried your solution and it works for the root folders in the vault, but not for the sub directories such as XSS, CSRF etc.

I also tried this which did not work:

I was able to achieve the result using the following:

sorting-spec: |
    target-folder: /*
    > advanced modified

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