Sophisticated Procrastination

Is Obsidian making you productive?
It is useful to evaluate that these tools including Obsidian and others are indeed making us productive.
Interesting video:


As the video creator themselves say, it’s only helps you procrastinate if you treat Obsidian as “getting work done.” If you don’t do that though, then Obsidian can help you be very, very productive.
I set aside a certain amount of time each day to study, I end up getting 35-40 hours of studying done each week usually. I spend my free time organising Obsidian notes and stuff because it will help me in the future and I find it fun, but the key thing is that doing stuff on Obsidian does not eat into my time spent actually studying for my exams.
Personally, I’ve become much more productive since I adopted Obsidian. I wouldn’t have gotten the grades I needed in my GCSEs last year without it, and ever since I started using Canvas I’ve been even more productive since it helps me organise my time more.

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