Sometimes, opening a vault takes an awfull long time

What I’m trying to do

Opening a vault. Sometimes, opening a vault takes so long that it looks like Obsidian is stalled. The step taking time is “loading cache…”. When I say a long time, I’m talking of minutes — I didn’t time exactly, but I can say with confidence “more than 3 minutes”.

It’s absolutely unpredictable and it has happened with different vaults. Most of the time, I have no problem, but I think I can say it happens mostly when I do a “View > Force Reload” of the vault. It has also happened on the ordinary opening of a vault located on a synchronized folder (Tresorit).

Things I have tried

(I’ve searched the forum about “cache”, of course.)

  • Waiting long enough.
  • Closing the vault while it’s “loading cache…” forever and reopening the vault. Sometimes, it was sufficient and the vault opened fast enough — a few seconds. Sometimes, it repeatedly showed the same symptoms.
  • Closing Obsidian and reopening my vaults. In this case, it also happens on some occasion that one vault or the other takes a long time to open and load the cache. I wouldn’t say there’s a pattern: not every time and not always the same vault. It’s completely unpredictable.
  • Uninstalling Obsidian and installing a fresh version ⟶ it didn’t noticeably prevent the “problem” from happening somewhere in the near future.
  • Cleaning the caches with the Clean My Mac utility. Obviously, it cleans only the caches it can see or knows about and this doesn’t cure the “problem”. Hence my posting and the question below.

I wouldn’t say it’s an Obsidian bug, and I’m asking : Is there a mean to “erase the cache” while the vault(s) are closed in order to prevent this “loading forever” ? That’s what I would do with other applications, and it generally cures such problems. Obviously, the developer console is not an option, as it’s use implies that the vault is open! :wink:
Is there a hidden file or folder that could be safely deleted ?

Thank you very much, it’s what I was looking for.

I see there are quite a few subfolders with “cache” in their name — do you have any idea about which one could be more “problem prone” than the others ?

Can I safely, after quitting Obsidian, delete every one of them ?

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