Something to concisely denote priority in markdown - see desc

Things I have tried

I’m a relative newbie - I’ve experimented with dropdown (select + option tags) but have found when trying to reference, I suppose, "obisidian links ([] + () or [[]]) they don’t render correctly. Almost as if the (what I call) html tags don’t mix well with the markdown/obisidian format. In the end I’ve converted all to html tags, but it’s all messy and hard to read as well as any backlinks needing to href to actual folder directories which adds overhead.

What I’m trying to do

I’m just trying to make a “to do” (simplest way of putting it) where I can add a priority number, 1 to 3, to the beginning, then a checkbox, then task, which may include a backlink. so eg. 1 [X] Create Documentation - Per [[Templates#docs |Document Templates]]

What has caught me most by surprise is, initially when I had the drop down and checkbox (both html) then normal markdown per the above, the live preview rendered it completely fine, but when on reading view, it was totally different and the obisidian formatting didn’t work.

Apologies for the newbie question.

If I were making a to-do list I would format it as a task list, and just type the priority number:

- [x] 1 Create Documentation (Per [[Templates#docs |Document Templates]])

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do; if the above doesn’t help, maybe you could post an example (wrapped in a code block).

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Might just do that. I suppose I wanted something I could change after time, say a priority 3 task becomes more important. But there’s no harm in writing it in there.

Changing the number would be about as easy as possible. I assume I’m missing something here?

If you want the list to reorder itself when you change priorities, there’s a plugin that lets you sort text alphabetically, which isn’t quite automatic but pretty low-effort. If you’re using DataView, it handles task list items and I’m sure it can sort automatically.

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