Something like a sticky note that can be hidden from a note

Is there a plugin or a feature on Obsidian that I can use as a Sticky Note that can be hidden and only pop up when I request it to?

So, I have my academic notes on Obsidian. Mostly, it's just summaries of research papers books and articles I read noted down as bulletin points through the use of unordered lists. What I was hoping to do is to label each bulletin point with a tag as to what each bulletin denotes.

For instance, for the following bulletin in a note:

  • Notes are commonly drawn from a transient source, an oral discussion at a meeting or a lecture

For that bulletin, I intend to add the tag #WhatAreNotes at the end of the bulletin.
which could make the bulletin appear like this

  • Notes are commonly drawn from a transient source, an oral discussion at a meeting or a lecture #WhatAreNotes

The intention is that I can quickly search for a tag and find out where I have taken down notes on the specific tag. But the tags seem to make my notes all cramped up and out of sorts.

My question is if there is a way to hide just the tags or if there is a way for me to link the tag to a specific bulletin. A community plugin or even a markdown feature that I seem to be missing.
Quite simply what I am looking for is something that functions as a sticky note I can search through but remains hidden from my notes!

I’m not entirely sure I fully understand your request, but collapsed Callouts comes to mind, as a potential candidate.

Then you can write it, and in the reading view it’s hidden, but can be uncollapsed at will. And you can search them just like normal text.

In the image I’ve duplicated the note, where the first is collapsed, and the second is uncollapsed by default. The change is the added dash/minus, aka doing > [!info]- ....

With a little bit of trickery, you can also include them in dataview queries, or style them according to your own needs, if neccessary/wanted.

How about appending %% #WhatAreNotes %% to the line? It won’t show in Reading mode, but it does appear in the tag list.

On another readthrough of your note, I interpret it differently, and now I read it as though you want to tag the text in place, but don’t necessarily want to see the tag, as it make the text harder to read. That is a different story, as in my previous post, but I’ve got one idea which you might find interesting. And that is BlockID’s.

The main purpose of block IDs is to give a block a reference value, so that you can embed it or link to it from other sources.

These are completely hidden in reading view, but are seen in editing mode, and can be searched for, as shown in the far left panel.

In addition, you can then write links directly to the block (which also allows embedding in other places), like shown below:

The full link in my case would be [[Sandbox#^WhatAreNotes]]

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