Some v0.5.3 links not recognized in v0.6.0

Steps to reproduce

  1. auto-update to v0.6.0
  2. attempt to use nested pages that were created in v0.5.3 via the Zettlekasten plug-in

Expected result

In preview mode, the links should display the page text, when hovered over, and should take you to the page when clicked on

Actual result

When hovered over, the preview is blank, and when clicked on a new page is created instead of opening the targeted page.


  • Operating system: macOS Catalina 10.15.4
  • Obsidian version: v0.6.0
  • Using custom CSS: no

Additional information

So far, this seems to only be occurring in the file names prefixed YYYYMMDDHHMM+text and only to some but not all those files. I am working with about 450 files, in Obsidian, and after the v0.6.0 update I am noticing the broken internal links as I process the files. I’ve since downgraded to v0.5.3 and am not experiencing any more bad links.

If helpful, here is a link (only about 12 files to show syntax and structure):

DARK screenshot is v0.5.3
LIGHT screenshot is v0.6.0

There are two links: 1 and THIS IS THE BROKEN LINK v0.6.0. It’s difficult to see but in the v0.6.0 screenshot you might be able to see the outline of the empty frame slightly obscuring the text directly beneath THIS IS THE BROKEN LINK v0.6.0. This is demonstrating the internal link is no longer linking to the associated page.

Just downloaded your dropbox folder. Your linked file “‘201710131742 literature review revised draft title (2)’” has non-breaking space characters (I’m assuming you got this from an export from some other app?).

We used to let you use whichever one you want, but then the app started creating duplicate files that looked identical for everything except the space. This happens because your file may be named “My File” with a non breaking space in there, but when you type out [[My File]] you’re typing a regular space character.

So for now, we’ve coerced non-breaking spaces into regular spaces, but it seems to be disregarding your old file now. What you can do now is create a new file by manually typing out the file name, and move your file contents over. That new file should have proper spaces and links would start working again.

We can show a warning and provide a conversion utility for these files in the future.

For this batch of pre-Obsidian files, I’ve bumped back up to the newest release and have started manually converting the file names. I’m getting about 1 in 7 bad file names, which isn’t too tedious.

Thanks for looking into this so quickly!

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