Some quality of life improvements

Having used Obsidian for about 48 hours, I have some thoughts that I wanted to put down as feature requests, I’ve tried to categorise them. If any of these exist, great! Maybe I missed something.

[Files and the graph]

  • [ ] Add .obsidianignore file support so additional folders (e.g. .github, .custom, etc) can be ignored, also things like Markdown files for Github (see screenshot below)
  • [ ] Add support to frontmatter to mark files to be ignored in the graph, even when linked - these are things like template files


  • [ ] Add support for folder and file properties, for example being able to specify an icon or change the colour
  • [ ] Add support for graph properties like shape and colour
  • [ ] Support undo history between UI changes between preview and code

Related issue

For the GitHub readme, markdown links don’t work with emoji which I have in my folder names - so I created a copy of the file in a .github folder, but now I get this

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 23.55.14

Please one thread per request and follow the template.

Also please search, some of the things you are asking have already thread open and some are implemented in plugins.

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