Some problems before transfer to obsidian

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I have been used obsidian for a couple months. I really enjoy the link system and various plugins. However, before I completely transfer my notes from Notion to obsidian. I have some concerns of my future usage.

A lot of plugin extensions is the biggest advantage of obsidian. But it also make obsidian highly unstable. Because obsidian do not officially keep up these function. Every third party plugin is not a lifelong function. Even if the plugin highly effect on my writing. I think it is not a proper way to constantly change the writing habit due to the obsolete function. There will be loads of documents which are impossible to revise each by each.

This is some of my concerns:

  1. Some plugins are not fit to every theme or even another plugins. For example: Sometime my code will display out of range in preview mode. I can not make sure it is a obsidian bug or it is cause by some plugins or theme I used. The bug become very hard to track because there are abundant variables and possibilities. I also installed a code copy plugin which should add a copy bottom on the up right corner of this code block. But it accidentally display on the previous paragraph. These kind of bugs often happen when I write a note with diverse mark down formats or plugins.

  2. If the plugin conflicts to future feature and the developer stop to maintain the plugin. I will lose the function forever. Some of the plugin is related to the format or the content in the note. Remove the function will cause a chaos of notes. If I want to make obsidian as my second brain, I hope the contents are lifelong accessible.

What is the aspect of the obsidian user to these problems? Am I worry to much? Or what is the way for a obsidian user to solve these problems?

Thank a lot!

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