Some Keyboard Shortcuts aka Hotkeys are Missing from Settings

Steps to reproduce

Open the settings & look at the Hotkeys section.

Expected result

I expected all keyboard shortcuts to be listed.

Actual result

Some keyboard shortcuts are missing from the list.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.2

Additional information

I don’t have a comprehensive list of all available keyboard shortcuts so I can’t verify all that are missing, but I noticed that the ones for zooming the display in & out, as well as returning the zoom state back to 100%, are all missing (Ctrl + 0, Ctrl + - and Ctrl + +).

If there are some shortcuts, that for whatever reason won’t be available to be customized by the user, I feel they should be at least listed.


The three you have listed are browser-side—I’m not sure it makes sense to think of them as Obsidian hotkeys. Same with cmd+w, for instance (I’m not sure that’s listed either).

I agree to the need for at least a few more shortcuts, for users who don’t want to touch the mouse.

Coming from things like spacemacs, the only frustrating thing about obsidian is having to use the mouse quite a lot more.

like @ryanjamurphy said some are browser side, personally I don’t have a problem with those.

I’m okay with certain shortcuts that can’t be modified, what I’d propose is make a list of the specific ones you need @varian93
so that the team is aware of what might be missing.

Personally I’ll make a feature request to inlcude

toggle vim mode

SInce vim-mode in obsidian isn’t perfect, it’d be nice to be able to toggle it off from a shortcut.

That’s my take on it, hope it helps!

While you’re correct, I think the OP’s precise issue is that some keyboard shortcuts already exist but aren’t currently listed.

But yes, please search for/submit any missing shortcuts functionality to #feature-requests!

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You are right, there must be a couple of hotkeys I’m not keeping in mind that would apply to what @varian93 needs.

All I can think of are the ones @ryanjamurphy mentioned above.

Ah, now I understand, at first I thought Obsidian was just borrowing common shortcut standards from other software. I didn’t realize that it was actually using other software for part of it’s functionality. Now it makes perfect sense.

I haven’t yet been using Obsidian long enough to discover what all keyboard shortcuts would be ideal so I have no specific requests. The software is fantastic. I fully anticipate purchasing the catalyst license soon.

I do think that all keyboard shortcuts should be at least documented somewhere. If someone was unfamiliar with the common zoom in & out shortcuts & accidentally triggered one they’d likely have a difficult time figuring out how to correct it without asking someone who knows.

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I noticed that Shift+Delete is missing from both the hotkey list in the app as well as the help documents. It cuts the current line.

I would expect the hotkey list to include all existing hotkeys/keybindings. Shift+Delete can luckily be overwritten but you cannot unset it that way. And even if changing a hotkey isn’t possible, I expect the list to include them nonetheless. Having some hotkeys mentioned only in some places plus some secret ones mentioned nowhere is a mess. Other text editors include all existing hotkeys in their list.