Some Google -> Full Calendar events are 5 hours off

a) I can’t figure out why some events are 5 hours later in Full Calendar, from my Google Calendar.

The five-hour maybe coincidentally happens to be Chicago Time, which is what I’m on. But I created new events with Chicago Time, and some with “Use Current Time Zone” and they are all 5 hours off when displayed in Full Calendar.

b) I can’t figure out also why some are, and some aren’t.

I can modify a correct-time event in GCal, and that continues to match the time block in Full Calendar.

But some never matched, and after editing they still don’t match when imported by Full Calendar.

b2) If I Duplicate an event in GCal, it continues to display correctly in Full Calendar:

b3) Newly-created recurring events also display correctly in Full Calendar. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of FullCalendar and GoogleCalendar. The Full Calender event at 16:30 is supposed to be at 11:30.

** So my question is, what are the settings/glitches that make some events display at the correct time in FullCalendar? Does anyone else have this problem?


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Are you referring to this plugin? Obsidian Full Calendar (

If so on their help page it states directly to ask on Github…

Most of this documentation is presented as GIF walkthroughs. If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to submit an issue on GitHub or comment on an existing one.

Okay, I posted it there. I will add a solution here if I get one.

there is an issue with timezone handling for ics files, perhaps the same issue. if you create without specifying a specific timezone does it work? the issue for ics links was that it just looks at time and doesn’t look at timezone and then adjust.

**TLDR: **
Too bad, Google Calendar seems to only write TZID for recurring events.

In Google Calendar when creating, I tried:
a) clicking on the “TimeZone” button to the right of dates, to specify “(GMT-05:00) Central Time-Chicago…”

b) not clicking, just leaving it alone to use whatever default Calendar-level settings I have (Chicago time)

There is no difference in either workflow when displayed into FullCalendar. Both workflows give events which are 5 hours off:

c) Somehow, Recurring Events in Google Calendar keep the TZID parameter. If I drag one instance around in GoogleCal, and click ‘Only This Event’ after making changes, it keeps the TZID parameter. If I Duplicate a dragged event, it keeps the TZID parameter.

d) But after I change “Daily” to “Does not repeat”, the TZID parameter is lost and it’s again 5 hours off (2pm event shows up at 7pm)

Well, I can’t keep creating events in GCal by dragging a specific recurring event – too clunky.

Perhaps the question is: who is using FCalendar and for what purpose? Is anybody finding a workaround for the TZID problem?

I’m thinking a better solution for me is to write a script that takes some easy-fast-to-write text file like

4/2 @8:30am – media class
4/4 @1:30pm-3pm – travel to Chicago

and make a file for each event, and load those into FullCalendar.

But of course stuff will still get de-synchronized, and it’s still clunky. But it’s handy to have the things in Obsidian and linked to the project Notes.

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