Some errors in edit mode

Steps to reproduce

case 1

case 2.1

case 2.2

Expected result

Actual result

Case 1
The bold text is rendered correctly in reading mode, but not well in editing mode. If I add a space after the 2nd **, it looks fine, but the extra space is not what I want.

Case 2
Bold & underline, also render correctly in reading mode, but wrong in editing mode.

2.1 the bold mark on both sides is displayed, and the text is not bold.

2.2 will meet the bug in case 1, and the second ** will display, and the text also not bold.


  • Operating system:

MacOS: 13.2.1

About Obsidian
Version 1.1.16 (Installer 1.1.9)

  • Debug info:

Additional information

The renderer expects bold/italics asterisks to be placed immediately before or after other characters. This is intentional and is how markdown generally works in other apps, too.

So, I’m afraid you need to place your characters like this:


… and not like this …

**abcd **

… nor this:

** abcd**

Sorry for replying so late, I didn’t receive any mail from this forum.
And the or actually has no space around it, it’s an Asia punctuation and just a single Unicode character.

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