[Solved] Why are my emojis in black and white and not in living color?

Watching one of Bryan Jenkins’s Obsidian tutorials, I noticed that he uses a lot of emojis to mark his notes, and they are all in glorious living color. Mine are all back and white. Why is that? A noob question for sure.

I think this has to do with the emoji fonts installed on your computer. You could try searching for “install color emoji fonts [your operating system]”

Thanks for you suggestion @mcgeetweets. I use Linux Ubuntu, which by default has Google’s Noto Color emoji and let’s me insert full color emojis almost everywhere. . . except in Obsidian.

Huh, interesting. I also use Ubuntu and emojis that I copy from my web browser and paste into Obsidian show up in color for me. 🤷

try looking at the fonts you’re using in Obsidian or have installed on your system. I have my vault using Fira Code. and on mac i already had emoji support. but it may come down to system fonts.

Given your advice, I decided to delete the appimage, and download the latest version. And… all emojis render as they should. Thanks for your help mcgeetweets and tallyguyjenks. :man_cartwheeling:t4: