[Solved] Where does this menu come from?

I have this menu, when I double click a word in a note in edit-mode. Does anyone know, where it comes from?


Do you have the cMenu or editing toolbar plugins installed? Those are two that come to mind that can be creating this menu for you.

Make-md: GitHub - Make-md/makemd?

Thanks for your tipp. But I don’t have cMenu installed… but the editing toolbar plugin. Even after uninstalling and a restart editing toolbar plugin, the menu remains.

I tried with Strg-Shift-I and found something:

Line 4633 is the start, line 4635 modified to 20px → frame added to find the problem.

The link-adress of the file is:


I found a temporarily workaround. I made a css file

and put in this code:

.menu {
display: none;

Then I activated it here:

Now the menu is hidden.

Questions: Where does it come from? What is “app://obsidian.md/app.css” ?

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Yes, I also use make.md!

These are the settings:

Do I overlook an option?

(some minutes later…)


Yes I did … I have to disable this Inline Styler in MAKE.md settings to make the menu disappear.

Thanks to all helpers, also jpc from discord!


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