[Solved] Web clipping to MarkDown on Android. Also workaround for slow Obsidian startup on Android


I discovered an Android App called Zettel Notes that allows you to clip web pages to MarkDown. Impressively, it can clip directly to your Obsidian vault.

Additionally, it has the capability to open Obsidian files instantly, which is significantly quicker than the startup time of Obsidian. For convenience, it can also place icons of frequently used notes on your home screen.

Moreover, it has the ability to swiftly add a "- " entry directly to the bottom of a list.

The developer is incredibly friendly and responds very fast for support.

Please note, I have no affiliation with the developer beyond being a user of the app.


Can you integrate it with an Obsidian vault?

Well, I run it parallel on my vault. Same files.

Hi there, personaly Iā€™m using the Omnivore website that is somewhat like Raindrop / Pocket. It then import markdown of websites on my vault automatically with the dedicated obsidian plugin. Maybe you could give it a try !

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Thank you very much, very interesting. I am trying it. :slight_smile: