[SOLVED] Obsidian indexing every day, all the day

Steps to reproduce

No theme (just dark), no community plugin.
I have more than 100 md files.

Expected result

remove the message automatically

Actual result

UI is not blocked though, I can click it to remove it.
But it shows up every day.


  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.5

Where are your files stored? Are you using something to sync?

locally, no sync

How many files total are in your vault?

Has this always happened?

Thanks @WhiteNoise
502 items. As I counted them, I noticed that a node_modules folder was there while it shouldn’t. It raised to md files to 1104.
I just removed this folder so it’s now 502 files.

It happened after I noticed that search was not searching in .txt, so I batch renamed my old *.txt files to *.md … while obsidian was open.

Ok, is the indexing still happening after removing the node_modules?

I restarted Obsidian and yes, the message is back.

there’s no -100/200 now.

Do you get some errors in console?

I’m starting it without console.
It’s a flatpak install so I guess the terminal command is tricky to know.

By console I mean console in the app

Oh, Electron console.
No error.

BTW, 200 is the maximum indexed files?

No you can have thousands of notes. 200 should be the number of markdown files left to index.

OK, so it’s weird, maybe it doesn’t see the files in subfolders.
There’s no special privileges on subfolders.

the number of markdown files left to index.

Ah, ok. Well, it’s stuck at 0/200 since my last screenshot.
I restarted it twice but it should do something, right?

Yes, it should progress.

If your are willing to share your vault, Zip it, and send it to Licat via DM and mention this BR.

Oops, now it’s -1,no error

It’s going to the parking level!

There’s something weird going on. I would also ask you to try to run obsidian in safe mode (no third party plugins and see if it helps)

I can’t share my vault, sorry.