[Solved] Is it a script to show number of characters in highlighted text?

Hello again,

I’ve tried many searches, couldn’t find answer, so I thought that maybe that functionality might be part of the setttings, so I searched in the settings and could not find this function, then I went to my profile and checked my previous posts (titles/subject), no luck, then from my profile again, I checked my Read items… still can’t find it.

Years ago, I customized Obsidian, and got this functionality to work, when I would select text, on the bottom status bar, I would see how many characters were in the selected section. I’m starting over again, so would like to get this functionality going again.

I had not been on Obsidian for years, since something happened out of the blue on day, I was trying to fire up Obsidian and would get nothing but a black screen, and nothing but, no way to access any settings nor menus.

I was locked out of Obsidian, I Gaargled and Gaargled, but could not find any solution to get Obsidian to un-blackout.

I’ve now installed Linux Mint on a VM, so going to try running Obsidian from here.

Any help appreciated with the highlighting, and if anyone has a solution to the blackout, maybe I can get my old Obsidian resurrected? Thanks.

It sounds like:

There are a few other plugins as well. Have a search through the community plugins.

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As per the plugin’s description: " This plugin is the same as the built-in Word Count plugin, except when you select text, it will count the selected word instead of the whole document."

Perfect! Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks!

After having vented and wound down, I figured it out. :slight_smile:

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