SOLVED: Accessing synced vault through browser?

using obsidian git plug-in, i’m able to sync my content to a private github repository. i can use to access my repository files in the browser. changes are synced automatically. i have a .gitignore file in the vault to ignore the .obsidian folder. so far it seems to work perfectly. so far.

Looking for advice on how to set up a system with access to my Obsidian vault through the browser. I’m currently using Obsidian Sync to connect my vault to different personal devices, but can’t install Obsidian on my work computer. Trying to figure out the best way to have both options available.

With Obsidian Sync, I know there are issues with using other syncing systems like Dropbox or Google Drive. Are there new workarounds that I’m not aware of?

Alternatively, I know I can use Github with a private repository. Is there an easy way to set up an effortless push/pull/commit so I don’t have to worry about working on old files?

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas/workflows anyone can offer.


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