Solarized Theme CSS Fetching Bug

macOS: 11.2.3
Obsidian: 0.11.13

No custom CSS and no snippets.

Solarized theme no longer installs using Settings > Appearance > Community Themes.

I did install this on 0.11.13 default Obsidian Help vault about a week ago. I recently created a new vault (my primary notes vault) and Solarized doesn’t install. I tried on multiple test vaults as well without success. Other themes do install using Settings.

A potential server issue as it doesn’t seem to fully fetch as with other themes?

I downloaded Solarized from GitHub using Obsidian’s Community Themes window, then installed it successfully and now can load Solarized using Settings > Appearance > Themes.

Also, general info: GitHub’s Solarized is 6 KB and version via app Settings is 3 KB.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. We don’t take bug reports regarding third-party themes. Contact the theme author.