Social Network Analysis Metrics

Metrics to organize your graph would maybe be nice / interesting. has them too if you want to see examples like: degree, closeness, betweenness, etc.

In the picture is an example how that looks like.


I agree - the ability to analyze the network we create via basic network metrics such as centrality or embeddedness would be very useful in better understanding how the ideas interact. This would be especially useful for those of us using Obsidian as a Zettelkasten “slipbox.”


@SkepticMystic is this within scope for the Adjacency Matrix Maker plugin?


Hmmmm I suppose having the adjacency matrix data structure already set up could enable further analysis! I don’t know much about measuring centrality or embeddedness, though.
@Lorenz_Duremdes @matthewhiett would it be doable to measure such factors using an adjacency matrix?

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I have personally not much clue. E.g. looking at formula for the algorithm “closeness centrality”: Closeness Centrality - Neo4j Graph Data Science

Makes me intuitively think it could be possible using the adjacency matrix. But I have no idea.

I see, this article is helpful.
This would be far easier to do on a regular graph structure, which isn’t hard to recreate.
So, what you are looking for is certainly possible, and I am definitely interested in such a tool. I have my hands relatively full atm with university and other plugins, but I will look into this when I can

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@Lorenz_Duremdes lol, you have deeply intrigued me with your request, so I made a proof of concept plugin…
You can manually install it from here: GitHub - SkepticMystic/graph-analysis
Currently, it only calculates the closeness of each node in your graph.
Install it, enable it, click the Dice button saying Console Log Closeness, and check the console. You should ideally see the closeness of each node.


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Very interesting. Just did it with mine. I suppose these are the values (image).

I’m not sure about some of the values assigned, but I guess the plugin is still in alpha after all or I did something wrong.

You can use my Vault if you need something big (currently 1051 files): GitHub - LorenzDuremdes/Second-Brain: Building my Second Brain using

Indeed! Which values are you unsure of? What do you expect them to be?

Thank you! That’ll be really helpful :slight_smile:

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Check out 0.0.6, I’ve added a view which you can open through the command pane: Open Graph Analysis View.
For now, you can see a table of closeness for each note, and similarity for each note compared to every other note :slight_smile:

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Very interesting. I hope this plugin will become more popular later on. I think it will be really useful for many people.

I used to play a lot with another software called “Cytoscape” (

They also have a nice “plugin store” (made by others) if you are looking for more inspirations:

You can also export your content to Neo4j by Neo4j Stream and make further analysis