"Snooze" / "On Hold" Folder

Sometimes I have working files that I want to “Snooze” or put “On Hold”. My idea is that I could create a folder for this purpose, move files I want to put on hold into the folder, and after a set period of time they move back to the parent folder (or their previous folder) on their own.

This functionality will allow someone to implement Spaced Repetition for Inbox maintenance (Andy Matuschak) with little effort.

I would expect a setting tab to allow someone to list folders that serve as “Snooze Folders” and for each one provide a number of days files are snoozed for. Thus, someone can have multiple snooze folder that serve different purposes. When a file is moved into that folder, it remains there until x days have passed and then it moves either to it’s previous folder, a folder set by the user, or the parent of the Snooze Folder (where it goes probably depends on implementation).