Snippets from aText (text expander equivalent) not working properly

Expanding snippets from aText used to work perfectly. But after Monterey it is buggy and does not expand correctly. When ie. expanding a snippet on a new line, it expands into the previous character on the previous paragraph. See gif below where I compare aText in macOs and Obsidian:

Screen Cast 2021-11-06 at 11.31.09 AM

Sorry if this has been adressed earlier, but I couldn’t find it reported.

I am gonna move this to help as we don’t address problems with third party software.
As a side note, see how your text expander is actually doing its trick? Is it emulating the keyboard? is it emulating a cut&paste?

@dantveita @WhiteNoise I can confirm the strange behavior of aText in current Obsidian release on macOS v10.14.6. It happens every time when the snippet’s text contains newlines. Then it expands into seemingly random number of last characters of the previous paragraph, like the OP describes. Cursor placement after expanding is also incorrect.

@WhiteNoise I do consider the behaviur as a bug in Obsidian, because toggling the Editor settings “Strict line breaks” and “Auto convert HTML” changes the expansion behavior, but only until next restart of Obsidian.

As far as I can tell, aText emulates keyboard for short snippets, and uses Clipboard for longer ones (can be adjusted in settings), but in my experience only newlines in snippet text make difference in expansion behavior.

UPDATE: Increasing min. text length in aText settings to force aText to use Clipboard seems to sove the issue.

Strict line breaks is a settings that affects the preview.
Auto convert HTML: If this settings is creating the problem it means that aText, when using the clipboard, is putting content on the clipboard as RichText or HTML (hence it triggers a conversion by obsidian) not as PlainText.

If this is the issue, I don’t consider it Obsidian’s bug.

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