Snippet to change the little "v" collapse icon on folders (AnuPpuccin Rainbow folders mode)

Colorized Folders V1.css (4.6 KB)

Hey bro’s i’ve loved the AnuPpuccin “Folder Rainbow” mode, from AnubisNekhet.

It replaces the little “v” with a nice colored folder icon that also changes when the folder is open. Loved it.

But i’ve already a seted up theme, so i’ve extracted just this part from the theme. I’m using a dark theme, so don’t know how it will looks in light theme, but… now is just you make your own changes.

Just install the snippet, and if you want, make your own customization in the code (eg I removed some colors and changed others).

I didn’t want the colonization of the folder’s text, nor the small circular icon next to it. If you want, just uncomment the two sections (TEXT and SYMBOL).

For those who don’t know how to use a snippet, just copy it to the hidden folder “.obsidian/snippets” of your valt and activate it in the “appearance” menu.

Enjoy it.

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