Snippet: Muted frontmatter in LivePreview

202302272130 obsidian hide frontmatter

Clutter-free frontmatter !
I wanted this from the beginning.

.is-live-preview .cm-line:not(.cm-active) .cm-hmd-frontmatter {
    opacity: 30%;
    color: var(--text-muted);

.is-live-preview .cm-line:not(.cm-active):has( {
    font-size: 5%;

.is-live-preview .cm-line:not(.cm-active) {
    visibility: hidden;

This is my first time playing with codemirror attributes. If you have advice or nice resources on, thank you in advance

I tried to mute/unmute the whole block of frontmatter lines with the general sibling combinator ~, but without success

Obsidian Version 1.1.15 (Installer 1.1.15)
macOS Monterey 12.4 (M1 chip)