Snippet: More visually distinct header levels

I came up with this little CSS snippet to make the various header levels a bit more distinct while not changing too much. This should work fine with other themes, and is a nice starting point for your custom snippet too :smile:

Original With Snippet
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Here’s the CSS snippet:

body {
    --h1-color: var(--text-normal);
    --h2-color: var(--text-normal);
    --h3-color: var(--text-normal);
    --h4-color: var(--text-muted);
    --h5-color: var(--text-muted);
    --h6-color: var(--text-muted);

    --h1-variant: normal;
    --h2-variant: normal;
    --h3-variant: normal;
    --h4-variant: small-caps;
    --h5-variant: all-small-caps;
    --h6-variant: all-small-caps;

    --h1-weight: 600;
    --h2-weight: 600;
    --h3-weight: 400;
    --h4-weight: 600;
    --h5-weight: 600;
    --h6-weight: 600;

    --h1-line-height: calc(0.8 * var(--line-height-normal));
    --h2-line-height: calc(0.85 * var(--line-height-normal));
    --h3-line-height: calc(0.9 * var(--line-height-normal));
    --h4-line-height: var(--line-height-normal);
    --h5-line-height: var(--line-height-normal);
    --h6-line-height: var(--line-height-normal);

    /* These can still be modified */
    /*--hX-style: inherit;*/
    /*--hX-font: inherit;*/
    /*--hX-size: inherit;*/
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