Snapshot plugin didn't capture any snapshots

I’ve got a Vault which I’ve been using for about three weeks now, when half my notes vanished. I went to check snapshots and found that, even though it was set to 5-minute intervals, it had only taken one snapshot earlier today of some files, and the snapshots were all of blank files. Using the Flatpak version 1.1.16 on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

Moved to help as it doesn’t follow the template.
The file recovery plugins only works on notes that you have edited since its activation, it saved a snapshot every 5 minutes if the file was changed within obsidian.

  1. Why/how did your notes vanish?
  2. If you moved your files, try moving them back. Snapshots are written to the file path and I’ve seen this help find missing data.
  3. Snapshots are per-device, so if you’ve worked on those files on other devices, you can check there.

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