Snap update to 1.3.5 is still prompting for manual update

Steps to reproduce

Update from 1.1.6 to 1.3.5 via snap
Launch Obsidian
Prompt for manual download/ upgrade still pops up in upper right corner
Checked Obsidian version under Help and it shows 1.3.5
Running this on Ubuntu 22.04 with all updates as of 16 June 2023

I didn’t run this in the sandbox because I wasn’t sure how to reproduce an installation from an older Obsidian version.

Most likely not a bug and you didn’t follow the bug report template.

You need to manually download and reinstall Obsidian to update your installer. You’ll have to find the exact steps on how to do this using your flavor of linux and snap.

I’m sorry, I followed the template as best I could given the nature of the error I’m seeing. Given that I’m using snap on ubuntu, manually downloading doesn’t make much sense in that context. Are you saying I need to uninstall and reinstall the snap, even if it’s showing that 1.3.5 is installed?

What does the popup say exactly?

It’s a prompt to manually download and install the 1.3.5 update.

I went ahead and removed the snap and installed it again. It cleared the prompt. I would still list this as a bug (or maybe a documentation error), at least in the prompt’s language, if not the installation, as the instruction to manually download conflicts with users who are installing using their system’s package management.

Did you install the snap manually or did you install via the snap store?

Snap store

And the first time,where and when did you get it?

I always stay clear of snaps and flatpaks whenever I can but understand if not everyone can install debian packages.

You would have to manually update the .deb as well because it doesn’t add a repo that would automatically update Obsidian alongside other packages when running apt full-upgrade.

It’s just likely that there’s an issue between installing Obsidian as a standalone .snap and installing it from the Snap store.

I have no problem reinstalling with the deb package.

But I do have a problem needing to clean up old revisions of snaps, so I run this shell script (not mine) now and again (non-Obsidian related in my case):

# Removes old revisions of snaps
set -eu
snap list --all | awk '/disabled/{print $1, $3}' |
    while read snapname revision; do
        snap remove "$snapname" --revision="$revision"

The first time I installed Obsidian was also using the snap store. I believe I installed it in late January 2023 but don’t have an exact date, since I uninstalled the snap yesterday as part of troubleshooting. I updated Obsidian from the snap store on June 16th, when I started getting this error. I reinstalled it on June 17.

This is impossible because we started publishing the snap to snapstore in May.

Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry. It looks like I downloaded the snap for 1.0.0 in October 2022. My mistake. I must have switched to the snap store in May.

It’s still inconvenient that reinstalling is needed at all when one of the most common benefits cited for package management on Linux is the ability to update all components in one step.

It’s interesting to see such an elaborate cleanup strategy for freeing up space used by snap revisions. I’d imagine that’s how snaps can be atomically updated and reverted, although that does mean space usage can increase with time if old versions don’t get automatically cleaned up.

So far I’ve found flatpak update to be the most convenient update method for Obsidian, even ensuring it can be updated when OTA updates are disabled and network access in the sandbox is disabled.

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I agree it’s a hassle all the way around.
Also, the fact that there is a separate installer to update.

The old snaps do take up a lot of space as I am on a dual-boot laptop with a rather small (50GB) Linux partition.

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