Snap All Box-Selected Items to Grid

Use case or problem

Snap selected items to grid

Currently it’s possible to snap to grid when dragging or resizing an item, and it’s possible to snap a selection of items to the grid if they’re already aligned to the grid, but it’s not currently possible to snap all items in a selection to the grid if the items don’t share grid alignment.

Proposed solution

On canvas, the effect of this feature would be:

All box-selected items would snap to their nearest grid points.

For the end user, the steps to achieve the effect might look like:
  1. Make a box selection over a collection of canvas objects that have conflicting grid alignments (this automatically activates the context menu card with the alignment menu)
  2. Open the alignment context menu
  3. Under the “align” heading, select the new “Snap items to grid” menu option feature

Current workaround

Currently, the only workaround is to align everything to the grid and keep it that way as items are added. If something is placed off of the grid, then it has to be manually re-aligned before everything can be moved while maintaining grid alignment.


There are considerations regarding what orientations are chosen for alignment for non-grid sized items.
For example, would it only work for top left, or would there be an option to choose the alignment of this function? One way around this consideration might be to resize boxes to the nearest grid size once it has been aligned to the top-left.