SMILES in Obsidian

It would we great is SMILES were possible in Obsidian for creating chemical and molecular diagrams

You can now add SMILES code to Mathpix Markdown (.mmd) documents using Markdown code block syntax to render chemical structures:



What’s the benefit over writing the chemical formulae directly using latex as shown in overleaf

However, currently I can only use chemistry syntax supported by mhchem since Obsidian render latex using MathJax

Working on it. Mathpix uses smiles-drawer to render smiles strings. With the help of the package it would be a simple implement. Unluckily I’m major in chemistry and not familiar to web dev, it may took some time for this.

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Popular/Professional chemistry structure builders like chemdraw supports smiles, and its plain string nature fits well with markdown/obsidian. Smiles strings can be typed directly, or generate by mature structure builders, which would be helpful when handling complex structures.

Though latex packages like chemfig or mhchem can visualize molecules, they can’t represent a molecule well. It’s a basic concern in the field of cheminformatics.

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