Smart task creation (todoist style)

I know you can use quickadd, templater or text snippets to make this easier. But I think it would be better if we had a dedicated complementary plugin to the tasks plugin, that works the same way todoist does (we can even use the same syntax).

Web - Tip Quick Add

It would recognize the different properties (start date, scheduled date, due date, reminder date, priority, recurrence), add the emojis automatically and place them in the right order.

It could even provide smart features, like remind me 2 days before, etc.

And of course, an option to append the task in the active file, choose a file or set a file in the settings.

Does this meet your needs:

I have todoist and this similar in some respects.

I’m sorry I haven’t been clean enough.

I meant another plugin that would integrate with the tasks plugin to help with task creation.

Because as you know when you create a task with the tasks plugin, you have to choose each type of property the task has when. Instead, I find it a lot easier to just type everything in bar and this new plugin would automatically recognize the fields I’m adding without me needing to do anything manually.

For example : I could write task remind me in 2 days and it would automatically know that I didn’t use due date or scheduled date or start date, and instead it would format it as a reminder date. I hope it’s clean enough now.

Ok, I understand now. And I guess you’d rather not have to mouse move to each data type, rather have it inferred from what you type.

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