Smart list management

Use case or problem

if you mix ordered and unordered lists and sublists, for example

  1. Item
    • subitem
    • subitem
  2. Item
    • subitem
      1. subsubitem
      2. subsubitem
    • subitem

When you press enter after a subitem, Obsidian automatically puts a new subitem but if you press Alt+Tab to make the subitem an item, Obsidian doesn’t recognize that it should be an ordered item and it still uses the dash.

Proposed solution

Obsidian should be able to smartly manage lists.


I see what you mean. Here is a gif showing it in action.

I don’t know what you mean by “alt-tab”. Did you mean “shift-tab”? I guess that depends on your OS and keybindings.

If you un-indent an item, it adopts the format of the sub-list you were in, instead of the format of the latest matching item of the new level.

  • Line 16 is a dash, at level 2.
  • Line 17 and 18 are numbered at level 3.
  • On line 19, when I un-indent back to level 2, it would be nice if it matched the last-matching level 2 formatting of line 16 (dashes). But it continues to match the level 3 formatting of line 18 (numbers).

(Did I paraphrase well, what you meant?)


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Thank you for explaining the problem more clearly.

PS: I meant shift-tab, my mistake!