Smart File Recovery

What I’m trying to do

The File recovery plugin is enabled but I could not see the snapshot history in File Recovery.
Did I forget to enable something?

If I understand correctly File recovery saves the notes in a folder outside the vault, can I set a custom history folder, even inside the vault?

I would also like to ask if there is a plugin that keeps all the snapshots of the last day (or other time as desired or n work sessions) but keeps only one snapshot for the past days, or only one per week. With ability to delete history older than a year but retaining some snapshots that I marked.

File recovery is somewhat hidden, I would like to be able to see the history, and the differences between two versions directly from the note.

Things I have tried

I expected File Recovery to work, I also searched “timeline,” “backup”

You need to type the name of a file for it to show you anything. (It’s not the most intuitive setup.)

OK, looking for the file name I saw something, it is also difficult to understand.
Anyway, where are the differences stored?
Is there, or can I request for, a plugin or internal modification that works the way I described?

" Snapshots are kept in the system directory, outside of the vault" — File recovery - Obsidian Help

I don’t know of any plugins that do those things but also haven’t searched for that. You can post a feature request if you like (and if one doesn’t already exist).

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