Smart Bulllets

When I copy a section of a note taken as folding bullet points into a new page, they end up looking like this, all the time,

I would need to press Ctrl+A, and then Press Shift+Tab, so that the note will look like this -
which becomes repetitive.
It would be great if Bullets, when copy-pasted, would align properly, taking into consideration the contents above it.
Then again, I dunno, Is that too much to ask for?


@Kuncy I need to ask, how did you get the bullets surrounded by these outliner like lines in the second picture of this post?

Oh that’s a CSS Mod Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks - Bullet Point Relationship Lines

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I can’t figure out how to use a CSS Mod, where do I apply this @Kuncy. Thanks in advance for helping out!

Just copy paste the snippet and paste it inside the obsidian.css file.
Same goes for any of the other mods mentioned in that post.