Small typo in the help docs on table syntax

Steps to reproduce

There is a small typo on which I became aware of after a newbie asked for it on Discord.

The first table introduced on that page has a typo. If you copy it, you will see that the header line in the second column contains an en-dash (or similar, my typography knowledge is lacking) in a row of hyphens.

Expected result

The corrected table should be

|First Header | Second Header|
|------------ | ------------|
|Content from cell 1 | Content from cell 2|
|Content in the first column | Content in the second column|

Actual result

Table won’t render because of improper syntax, which confused someone a lot. :wink:


thanks. will fix upstream


Oh yeah, good catch. Here is the offending one, highlighted in Vim, because I couldn’t find it with Find in Obsidian. It didn’t distinguish them.


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