Slow with Cryptomator (Windows)

I’m using Cryptomator to keep my vault securely synced on Windows and Mac. On mac everything works fine, but on Windows it’s all terribly slow, practically rendering Obsidian useless. (I actually resorted to using VSCode for editing my files there).

It seems to have something to do with the cache-file that’s constantly being updated and saved (prompting Cryptomator to reencrypt).

  • Is it safe to exclude the cache-file from syncing? Or could that lead to dataloss?
  • Does anyone know of another solution for client-side encrpytion that works on Mac, Windows and iOS?
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In case anyone is interested. I just switched to Boxcryptor, works great on windows, mac and ios.

Can’t wait for Obsidian’s encrypted sync and mobile app though :slight_smile:

Other users have reported problems syncing the cache file so in an upcoming version, the cache file is being moved out of the vault and into the application folder.

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Has this been released yet? I’m wondering because I’m having exactly the same problem. Obsidian is unusable with Cryptomator on Windows. I can edit the .md files from vim or other editors fine, just not with Obsidian. Thanks!

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I’m also getting sluggishness with this setup, but the cache files in my .obsidian folder haven’t changed so I imagine the cache folder has already moved. Yet, still getting the slowness. Any update on this, @sam.baron ?

EDIT: Uninstalling Dokany and upgrading to the latest one has improved opening/working with files, but updating plugins still takes forever.