Slow response on forum notifications on mobile

After the latest facelift of the forum, it seems like the notification system has gotten worse. Have you experience this as well?

Before I could see that I had a given number of notifications, and if I clicked on either of them the number decreased. Nowadays I can read that response, and continue on to other threads but the blue number remains unchanged in the top line until I do a full reload of the entire page.

I also find it strange that even if clicking on my profile picture (after reading responses,
but still with the blue number) it doesn’t show any new notifications. So it’s correct, but still showing the blue number until I do the full reload.

(I’m in an android 13 phone, if that matters)


What facelift? Did I miss an announcement about any big changes? This is Discourse, so I think the only real management is updating versions, changing the logo, and changing some of the templates.

That said, yes! I have definitely noticed notifications have gotten a bit worse. On Desktop too, if you open a new tab your notifications will show an older state until you reload.

I assume some of that will get fixed in future updates. Or perhaps it would be best to file a bug with Discourse itself.

i half-noticed — I thought maybe it might be related to the bookmark notifications that i haven’t gotten around to checking. :sweat_smile:


OK, so it’s not just me. I’m seeing very few notifications come through at all. I thought maybe it was my mac (always on) with the forum pinned in Arc (usually open) gobbling them up. I closed the browser this morning when I went out to see how it goes. Refreshing also seems off somehow.

I also feel it was around the time of the icon change or just before. Whenever this happened:

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The timing for when this started happening for me was defintive when those icin sifted from horizontal to vertical, which I referred to as the facelift. There has been other visual/CSS changes at the same time so there had been changes to the discourse software running the forum.

Is there someone around which knows how this update process goes or is responsible for this update? And potentially can check (or know where to check) any issues related to it?

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Until yesterday, I had been offline for a few weeks. The slow and unresponsive notifications (dismissing them doesn’t appear to do anything immediately anymore) are a little confusing—can’t remember which ones I have dealt with and end up going round in circles. (iPhone 12; iOS 16.5.1; Safari)

The forum has been upgraded. Let’s keep an eye out to see if the situation improves!

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It’s already better, at least the notification number seems to be fixed.

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