Slow autocompletion debounce while creating links

Steps to reproduce

In a modest-sized vault (around 3k+ notes in folders nested to 3 levels), begin typing a partial link e.g. ("[[past"), then stop.

Expected result

Matches should appear instantly or nearly so, and updated while typing (as happens with the quick switcher)

Actual result

An initial set of matches appears after the [[, but these matches freeze and do not update again until typing has been stopped for nearly 2 seconds.


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.1

Additional information

Since the delay doesn’t happen in the quick switcher (or with tag autocompletion), it appears to be a problem with how but the suggester is configured, rather than a performance issue per se… or at least, I would think so if it weren’t for the fact this doesn’t happen in the help vault! (It does happen with my main vault in safe mode with all custom CSS disabled, and even if I disable all the core plugins, too!)

This issue is also relatively recent, i.e. since 0.11.13 went public (I believe this issue did not occur on 0.11.9). I previously brought this up in the thread on slow performance in larger vaults, but that topic was sent to the bug graveyard because it was supposed to be fixed in 0.12.x. So I’m reopening it here, as 0.12.1 shows the same behavior.

I can’t reproduce.
Create a new vallilla vault and copy your files there.
Let Obsidian finish indexing.
If you still have this problem, record a performace snapshot while you expiriance this lag and DM it to @Licat

After copying the vault, starting it in safe mode, then re-enabling plugins, it worked pretty decently. I don’t want to use the copy, though, so is there any way to force my existing vault to clean itself up, without losing any state? (Folds, activated plugins, etc.)

Also, what is this being caused by, and should there be some sort of UI to reindex or rebuild or whatever?

I don’t think this is a indexing problem. Obsidian forces reindexing when there is a change in the index structure (should be rare). But there is no need to redo the index under normal circumstances.

I think what is happening to you might be caused by a third-party plugin or theme.

Third party plugins don’t affect it one way or the other – the problem occurs in safe mode, too.

After some discussion on the discord, we pinned it down to being the devtools window. If devtools are open, it’s slow; with devtools closed, it’s not. It can be reproduced on a clean new vault with my files, but not in the help vault.

Since I can fix the problem by keeping the devtools closed, I imagine this bug can be closed, though it remains a mystery as to why devtools being open slows this one thing down (and only this one thing, as far as I can tell to this point).

Let us know if you figure it out.

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