Slight offset of preview-popups

I’d like the popups to pop up a few (~3-5) pixels to the right (or left) of the mouse cursor.

I have many tables with things, and I like to make use of the mouse-over popups to get the data density up.

This helps with tables - it allows me to just move the mouse cursor down to get a rapid succession of different popups, one for each line.
Right now, this requires a little mouse dance every time:

Note that the popup covers the table content almost perfectly.

This is actually possible via CSS. E.g., add the following to your snippets and play with the values.

.popover.hover-popover {
    margin-top: 5rem;
    margin-left: 5rem;

You may have to increase the width and height values of .popover.hover-popover to keep the size of the popover large enough for your purposes.

.popover.hover-popover {
    margin: 3px;

That’s pretty awesome. Margin to 3px seems quite enough for me.
I think it would help if it’s a default, it’s not taking much space and makes the experience that much easier. (sometime the popup is above, or to the left, so margin seems like the right thing to use).

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