Sliding Windows (Andy Mode) Suddenly Disappeared from Published Site

@moderators ~

I’m working on a brand new (bare bones) site with the sliding windows (Andy Mode) enabled, and they have been working fine for several days now.

However, the sliding windows suddenly disappeared from my site this afternoon, even though they were working without any problem this morning.

  • Has anyone else run into this issue?
  • What is the best way to begin troubleshooting this problem?

Here are my troubleshooting steps so far:

  • I’ve confirmed the sliding windows are turned ON in my Publish settings
  • I’ve also tried turning the sliding windows off and on again (with a sync in between), but it made no difference.
  • I’ve been clearing my cache after every sync.
  • I’ve confirmed this problem is occurring in multiple browsers: Brave, Chrome and Firefox.

Any help, suggestions, recommendations will be genuinely appreciated!

With my thanks in advance,

I can see it working?!?

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@WhiteNoise ~ Thanks so much for confirming!

This is very strange, indeed. The sliding windows are still not working in the browsers on my computer and on my partner’s computer.

Do you have any theories about how/why the display could vary this way?

yes, for performance/scalability the website is cached.
I’ll try to dumb it down.
It means there is a local copy in your browser, another copy is in a server close to where you live and finally the source at obsidian’s website.
These two local copies are used first if you make requests to the website. They are closer to you, hence faster to deliver. After some time (an hour?), the copies are thrown away and replaced with updated versions from the source.

So you can either wait until the local copies trashed, or force the update by holding shift and click refresh.

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I think you disabled and then reanabled andy mode. And the changes are still propagating.

@WhiteNoise ~ Thank you again for your additional follow-up and feedback, along with the relevant Help file link.

To clarify, I only disabled and renabled Andy Mode after I discovered the sliding panels had disappeared.

I understand these setting changes take time to propagate. This is why I routinely clear my cache each time I make changes to my site.

Also, I just now tested SHFT+Refresh and the sliding windows have still not been restored.

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Can you post a screen recording of your website trying open some tabs?
Did you apply some other custom css?

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@WhiteNoise ~ Thank you again for your attention and help with this sliding windows issue.

I just now made a video illustrating the problem I’m having with these sliding windows in my Brave browser.

Please Note:

  • I have not made any CSS changes to my site/theme at all.
  • The sliding windows in my site settings have been turned ON since early this afternoon, so there should not be a propagation delay associated with this setting.
  • I’m observing the identical sliding windows issue in both Chrome and in Firefox.
  • In this video, you will see I have no problems at all with opening new tabs in my browser.

However, if you need any additional documentation of the tab behavior in my browser and/or the performance of my Obsidian site, please let me know.

Thank you again for your time and help.

With appreciation,

Is your browser window size big enough to display sliding windows?
Because if it’s too small and there is no space for sliding windows they are disabled. Same thing happens with the graph.

Did you zoom in this afternoon?

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@WhiteNoise ~ Hooray!! :grinning: That did the trick! :heart_eyes:

I had not realized I’d reduced my browser window so significantly yesterday afternoon ~ and then, when I created the video, I had reduced it even more.

With a larger window, everything’s working like a charm right now ~ and I’m so very grateful for your help and perseverance in tracking down this simple solution!

Many, many thanks again! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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