Sliding tabs won't work?

Hi - newbie here … beginner’s issue:

I cannot get sliding tabs to work - I assume that if I have several files open they can be dragged with the mouse from the leftmost column of the edit window ehre the file name appear vertically arranged in order to spread them out but no. I can’t get that to work! Just two arrow pointers left and right at top of text window.

What am I missing? Have looked at help but it seems say something similar to what I have written above - drag from left with mouse.

I am puzzled?

Thanks for help.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, so I’ll just list some things and hope they help.

  • Are you talking about “Stacked Tabs”? I assume so.
  • It seems like you already have Stacked Tabs turned on. But I’m not 100% sure what you are trying to do when you say “spread them out”.
  • If you mean moving sideways along the tabs:
    • I don’t have a mouse to test, but to move through the tabs, I scroll sideways on my trackpad. On a mouse, I assume this is either mouse wheel scrolling, or hold SHIFT and mouse scroll.
    • You can also switch tabs by using Go to next tab, and Go to previous tab. These are commands which you can access via the Command Palette (Ctrl-P) or via hotkey. They are likely already assigned a hotkey in your settings.
  • The navigation arrows at the top of each note are a back and forth in your note history. So if you click a link and follow to a note, the back arrow will go back to the previous note.

Hi rigmarole - thanks for replying - I’m not sure any more! I’ve red Obsidian help an wateched several YTube videos that illstrate sliding tabs … but I’ve decided it’s not worth worrying about after all. As usual I’ve probably mixed things up between the current version and older versions runnin a plugin … oh well …

Obsidian is very good but occasiionally I find it a little confusing …

thanks again … I’ll use stacked tabs as I find it - the sliding feature is just a novelty anyway … (and no shift-click with a mouse doesn’t do anything)…


Maybe you meant the Sliding Panes? It is now deprecated since the stacking tabs feature has become core functionality.

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