Sliding panes not applying publish.css

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable sliding panes for your Obsidian Publish site
  2. Upload publish.css (e.g. for using the admonition plugin)
  3. Create an element that utilises styling contained in publish.css on a note
  4. Navigate to this note via sliding panes (so not directly, but by clicking through other notes first)

Expected result

Styling from publish.css should be applied to the element when the note slides in from the side.

Actual result

The element appears unstyled, unless the tab is closed, a new tab is opened and that note is loaded directly (i.e. [mysite].com/[note-name]).


  • Operating system: Win 10
  • Browser: Reproduced on Firefox and Safari
  • Debug info: Not sure what debug info to provide. Dev console shows that publish.css and publish.js are always downloaded, so actually loading the file is not the issue it seems.

I am sorry we don’t provide support when third party plugins or themes are used. I suggest you contact the author of publish.css for admonition. I move this to help section.

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