Sliding panes - I want to read more than one at a time

Is there a way to use Andy’s sliding panes so that they don’t automaticaly stack? I want to open, say, 2 or even 4 panes simultaneously, say, vertically so that I can read text in each simultaneously. I’ve played around with sliding panes and it seems that only one can be actually ‘open’ - i.e. not stacked - at a time…

I’m new to Obsidian so maybe I’m missing something.

I think the idea is that you simply switch modes when you want to see multiple documents at a time. You can set up a hotkey for this.

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Thnaks. I was thinking that if I turn off the plugin for Andy’s sliding panes then the default state is that I open and view multiple panes side by side. Andy’s plug seems to allow you to view only one pane at a time…?

Oh… I just see that It’s a simply Ctrl open command…!

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Disable “toggle stacking” in the plugin’s options, and play with Leaf Width.

many thanks.!!

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