Sliding Panes (Andy Matuschak Mode) Plugin

Is it possible my sliding pane moves smoothly as the plugin preview (on GitHub)? For additional information, my operating system is Windows 10.

Btw thank you for making this plugin!

Edit : Nvm, I found the solution. I should activate this in the control panel (Advance system setting > Advanced > performance)

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Huh. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
I’m glad you worked it out, and now I’ve learned something, too :laughing:


@jokysatria: control panel? Is this a windows thing? I’m on a Mac.

Yes, it’s Windows.

Found a bug. when I loaded my one of workspaces (workspaces plugin), sliding pane plugin “touched” sidebar.

For workaround, refreshing Obsidian (Ctrl + R) will help.

New update to Sliding Panes:

  • Update the link suggestion container position (thanks again, Eric Hall)
  • Add the option (and command palette command) to turn stacking off (i.e. slide-off mode, like the v1 of Andy’s Mode CSS)
  • Add the option (and command palette command) to make the rotated header titles face the other direction
  • Add a command palette command to toggle rotated headers
  • Allow pane resizing (except the last pane, because it doesn’t have a handle currently)
  • Fix an issue with switching to off-screen panes not animating correctly (can still jump without animation if you switch too far too quickly)

I don’t see it.

I think there might be an issue with the way the settings are added — I think they’re only added at start-up. You might need to reload or restart obsidian to see them

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You are right, reload did the trick. Good to know that it’s best reload after a plug-in update. Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it isn’t, therefore best to do it since it’s not a big undertaking.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Hey! After updating I’m seeing a couple of bugs/incompatibilities with the Minimal theme. The bug where the options menu for the notes is hidden by the ribbon is back, and this one:


Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t think I’d changed much in the way of styling, but I guess with the additions, I might’ve changed some relevant stuff…

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Thank you for that! And thanks for the speedy updates, great work :slight_smile:


Thank you for this awesome plugin which I use every day!

Just a small bug that however may not be fixable - with the rotated headers, the emojis do not rotate with the rest of the text and remain vertical. Do you know if that’s something that could be fixed or is it an Electron limitation?

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You can change your CSS to rotate the emoji

body.plugin-sliding-panes-rotate-header .workspace > .mod-root .view-header {
    text-orientation: sideways;



Awesome, thank you very much!

Hey thanks for the awesome plugin.

Previously (before version 3.1.0) the note that i would click on would become the active note and others will slide away and stack to one side. This proved to very useful since i particularly have a smaller screen. Right now it seems I’m unable to stack all the notes to one side which decreases the space for the note that I’m presently working on.

Is there any way to bring the ‘auto-sliding’ mode back (from the pre 3.1.0 era)?


Thanks for this plugin, much needed! Unfortunately, it’s not working for me. No sliding panes, no resizing of panes, nothing. I’ve tried disabling all other plugins and community themes. I’m using 3.1.1 of your plugin and latest version of Obsidian. Any thoughts on what the problem might be or what else I can try?

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What settings are you using? I think having rotated headers on and stacking enabled sounds like the behaviour you want (and should be the default?). Let me know if that’s not the case.

Could you check if there are any errors in the developer console (Ctrl+Shift+i on Windows)?
Also, how are you splitting your panes to open new ones? I think this currently only works on panes split vertically from the root, so if you’ve got a horizontal split and then vertical splits inside that, for example, it won’t work.

Yes, just found a few errors (attached). I’m splitting panes vertically. I’m using a Mac, if that makes any difference.