Slides: Title Centered, Text left-aligned

I want to create slides with the Title Centered and the rest left-aligned.

I tried the slides plugin and am now trying the advanced-slides plugin.

I am quite new to Obsidian and slides. I want something that I can copy/paste. I will explore nuances in the fullness of time…

I googled for this and found solutions that I don’t know how to use (yet). Like looking at reveal.js documentation, but, which doesn’t tell me what to paste - where - in Obsidian. I would not be surprised if I was missing something very basic, but, after a few hours of flailing, I still can’t figure out what to do. I need the “shu” part of “shuhari” at this moment…

Hi @guitarvydas

the easiest way to achieve this is through element annotations.


# Title

That text is left aligned <!-- element align="left" --> 

Thank you! @MSzturc

Is there a way to do this at the top of the file, affecting every slide? I (think that I) want every slide to have its title centred and all of its text left-justified.

Yes it’s possible.
The main design philosophy behind advanced slides was convention over configuration, which means that a Theme defines conventions that are right for most situation and you can overwrite the convention by annotating an element with certain properties.

Advanced Slides ships with a couple of Themes that define diffrent conventions. Have a look here for further details: Themes — Advanced Slides Documentation

As you getting more and more familiar with styling and css you could extend an theme ( by adding further styling classes to it ) or creating a whole theme focused on your needs and your conventions.

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