Slide WYSIWYG Editor

It doesn’t hurt to ask department: I want to edit text for “slides”. When I edit slides on my Mac using Keynote, it performs a WYSIWYG function by adjusting font size dynamically. This is a REPL for slide-building. I imagine that Powerpoint does something like this, too. Note that I think of editing a slide as different from displaying a slide. Obsidian can display my slides, but doesn’t help me create them with instant visual feedback. Do you know of anything that does this? Or, a library, if I need to roll-my-own. Keynote does this editing task quite well, but tangles up editing with displaying and produces horrendous output (images). In the end, I think that I will I want markdown output.

I reviewed Obsidians core plugin “slide”, you may check out my theme Dune
Currently my text alignment for slides is centered, but i may remove this limitation so people is able to choose a text alignment of their choice

You can use linked panes to get a side-by-side preview (or top-and-bottom if you rearrange):

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