Slated - The Task Management Plugin

Who doesn’t need yet another task management tool?

Slated is the tool for anyone that wants Obsidian to be their one-stop-shop for all things productivity. It is opinionated, and highly focused around the daily note workflow. I recommend using it in conjunction with the Calendar and Daily Note plugins.

Slated is available in the community plugin list. If you have any questions or feedback, please create an issue or discussion on the Github page.

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What does it mean when a plugin is opinionated?


By this I mean that it will work best when used in a particular way. In this case, the plugin really works best when you use daily notes and most of you tasks are in those files.

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I think this plugin is very promising! I would love to see some integration between this and the Calendar plugin. Together, I think it would be a viable Notion/task management alternative for me (and many others).

@liam and I have been talking and working together on Slated quite a bit already. For example, the dialog to move tasks uses the UI from the Calendar plugin.

Did you have any integrations in particular in mind?


@tgrosinger To preface, I know this is asking for a lot, and I understand how difficult software development is—I really appreciate your work :slight_smile:

Ideally, I would like to have a “Dashboard” .md file that is automatically updated by Slated. I imagine it could be split into header sections based on date, so we can easily see all the tasks laid out chronologically. Adding attributes to tasks in the form of tags would be nice.

As far as Calendar integration goes, is it possible to add tasks with a particular due date to the corresponding daily note? That way, you could see all the tasks for some date by simply clicking the calendar.

I do have plans to create a dashboard of sorts. I’m going to start working on that very soon, but I expect it will take bit to reach a releasable state.

The way I use Slated and Daily notes is to always write a task on the daily note for which the task is due. That way just as you say, I can click on a date in the calendar and see what is due or overdue. This works especially well because if I see any open circles in the calendar on days in the past then I know I have an overdue task!

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I just played around with the plugin but I think I don’t understand how repeating tasks work.
When I create a daily repeating task and create the daily note for the next day the repating task does not appear.

Is there more information on how to use this?


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@Philipp, repeating tasks do not show future tasks until the current task is completed. Once marked complete, when you switch to a new note, the next task will be created.

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I appreciate the functionality of quickly moving tasks that are not done to the current day. When I use the command, it does not always seem to place the tasks in the same place. Also if I use it more than once for different days in the past, it seems to put the tasks in different places on the current day. My template has a ## Tasks header with one task in it. Is that causing problems. Sometimes the tasks get copied over to the existing ## Tasks section and sometimes it creates a new one at the bottom. What is the logic it uses to to select the location to copy the tasks over to. Thanks