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I am new to obsidian and am trying to use it to take notes for certifications like CCNA. And I want to be able to type things like TCP/IP or windows file paths. but obsidian doesn’t seem to like that. Anyone got any tips or tricks for me?

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Post some actual examples of things you’re having trouble with. Or explain what you mean by “Obsidian doesn’t seem to like that.” What happens?

Maybe you’re triggering the slash command? There is a plugin called “Slash commands” that gets triggered when you type a forward slash. It shouldn’t trigger mid-word. You can hit escape to cancel the command and keep typing. Or you can turn it off.

Backslashes \ will cause trouble, because it is used as an “escape character”. This isn’t an Obsidian problem. Try it here in the forum, and you’ll see the same thing. It’s a Markdown feature. But you can escape it by using another backslash.


You can do the following to write a Windows path (or to write a backslash anywhere):



Trying to type in [[TCP/IP Model]] for example to create a link to a note that I want to make about the TCP/IP model will end up creating a note link called TCP and the header will be called IP Model instead of the note being called TCP/IP Model. Or typing in windows paths will cause the letter after the slash being turned a darker grey and the slash disappears

You can’t put a forward slash in the link, because the title of a note can’t contain that character. Or more specifically, you can, but that will be inside a folder structure, because you are typing a path. So “TCP” would be the folder, and “IP Model” would be the note title.

You can make an alias by using a pipe character. Anything after the pipe character can contain custom text to say whatever you want.

[[TCP IP|TCP/IP Model]]


In this example, the note title is “TCP IP”, but the display alias name is “TCP/IP Model”


I’m having the same problem.
Using the backticks is working, but an option to change the escape character would be great.

I wouldn’t expect an option to change the escape character to ever appear.

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