\slash command in mathjax doesn't work

What I’m trying to do

Because I am using a LaTeX Plugin (Quick LaTeX) I am trying to avoid writing / as it would denotate a fraction to the plugin. Sometimes, for example, I do want to write a fraction with a / symbol. LaTeX usually happily supplies a command to fix such niece cases; \slash.
Unluckily, I can’t seem to render this command as Obsidian seemingly doesn’t know it.

I tried looking for an alternative command to no avail. Also, \slash works in other programs such as Overleaf.

Which version of Obsidian are you using, since you need to use that plugin?

MathJax is supported in newer version of Obsidian, and if you’re using a newer version, then could you show us some of the code you’re using and what’s the issue when doing that?

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